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The relationship between artists / creators and the digital world is of great value for the study, critical mediation and use of data, data processing systems and related knowledge. Not only can they make visible how systems of digitalisation work, but also how they do not. By analysing artistic works at the intersection of digital art, big/small/thick/thin data and machine learning alongside ethics, philosophy and political/social commitments, we critically investigate the place society and its environment can take in relation to the latest technological developments. Critical Data questions the handling of technology and explores artistic worlds in the digital cosmos operating between promise, manipulation and conspiracy.

Critical Data at the University of Arts Linz is the artistic/scientific exploration of data and data processing systems through various theoretical and practical frameworks, some of which include technical, ethical/philosophical, political/economic, temporal/spatial analysis, while paying attention to issues critical of discrimination or disadvantage.

First Critical Data lecture in Deep Space at Ars Electronica Linz 2020 for Artistic Journalism by Hideaki Ogawa / Keio University SFC

Inaugural Lecture in October 2021 (unfortunately only available in german, sorry)

CROWD AND ART – Art and Participation on the Internet

What can be contributed to a networked reality by art resulting from involvement by “others,” and what does this have to do with knowledge or non-knowledge? Working at the nexus of art theory, cultural studies, media studies and the history of technology, Manuela Naveau scrutinizes the nature of art and participation on the internet. In going about this, she provides an introduction to the world of computer-aided participation models and elaborates on terminology such as the masses and the crowd, the audience and “the other.” She examines in especially great detail the various forms of unknowing and involuntary participation and urges a much-needed discussion about developing effective design options in a time of rapidly progressing digitization & transformation processes. (sorry, publication in german only)
Free download of thesis (german only)
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artistic/scientific research

Within the format of a lecture the students will be provided with theoretical investigations on the topic of artistic/scientific research processes. Reading of texts as well as analysing of practice based examples are of same value like guiding the students through their own projects and research.

Guestprofessorship at TU Vienna 2021